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Radio station launches digital TV sub-channel for over-the-air viewers‏

Posted: July 8, 2009 10:39 p.m.

The first digital sub-channel to launch since the analog TV transmitters were turned off last month, Channel 4.3, is up and running with a music video format that's being tied to sister radio station WLWK-FM (94.5).
The two outlets are part of Journal Broadcast Group - which, like the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, is a component of Journal Communications - and it's the first attempt to combine the marketing of one of the company's Milwaukee radio stations with a TV operation.
Channel 4.3 currently is available only if you watch TV over the air with a new digital set or an old analog set and a converter box . It's called "TheCoolTV," and is also airing in Dallas, Las Vegas, Houston and Philadelphia.
Some 60% of the channel's content is common in all markets, with up to 40% tied to a demographic in each market. In the case of Milwaukee, it's tied to the play list of WLWK, which calls itself Lake FM and plays what's known as an "adult hits" format that's heavier on music than on the personalities of its on-air folks.
Steve Wexler, general manager of both Channel 4 and WLWK, notes the sub-channel "is server-based, not satellite fed, so we can customize it."
That flexibility means that there could be more local programming. Wexler says it could carry Milwaukee concerts, among other things, as the concept develops.
Over-the-air TV viewers may have to re-scan their digital channels to see TheCoolTV, which launched Wednesday morning.
It's a good idea to re-scan your converter or digital TV regularly to make sure you're getting all the available digital programming.



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